"For years we have been helping clients solve problems in the digital age."

Who we are:

Mycroft Solutions Pte Ltd is an independent investigative advisory firm. We are founded in Singapore and have extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region.

We have a wealth of experience in computer forensic and digital investigations. We thrive on innovation, savvy thinking, and placing ourselves in the cutting edge of technology. All of this, to benefit you and our global economy.

What we do:

Our business is you. Your business is our business. We seek to protect the information that you thrive on. For continuity, for success.
We bring our domain expertise into your environment, leaving no stone unturned as we target a favourable business outcome.
We saw a need in the industry, and we are here to fill the gap.

That’s why Mycroft exists.

"We believe in achieving the best possible outcome given the myriad of scenarios provided to us."

Our Services

Digital Investigations

"You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem"

We help you to meet requirements, take an investigative approach, run proactive discovery into data and information.

Crucially, we want to find the people behind these traces. We believe that data is only as good as the person behind manipulating it; therefore, we want to understand how this information is used against you. This is when we discover the data that was taken from you and the countermeasures we can take against it.

    • Computer Forensics
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Data Recovery
    • Due Diligence
    • Online Investigations
Global Average cost of Data breaches
Incident Response

"It’s not if you will be breached, it’s when you will be breached"

We want to take you out of the “kill chain” and establish the root cause of your troubles. We exist so you do not have to deal with technical jargon such as “remote execution shellcode”, “SQL injection”, “privilege escalation and lateral movement”.

With our technical team, our objective is to seal off your walls and find the mice hiding in the hole somewhere.

    • Cyber breach response
    • Misuse Investigations
    • Email investigations
    • Malware threat detection and response
  • Known Breaches
  • Unknown Breaches
  • Security Decision Makers
    Citing Lack of Resources
E-Discovery & Litigation Support


With Mycroft, legal professionals can focus their time and efforts to secure the key judgement and ruling, we act as your support crew, handling the voluminous datasets frequently encountered in our increasing digital environments.

When you say how should we deal with terabytes of documents, we say let us take care of it and give you only what you need.

A multitude of review platform solutions with varying features are available and our consultants will gladly introduce you to the one that best suits your needs.

    • eDiscovery Matters
    • Expert Witness
    • Staff Augmentation

Data Volume will increase 10x in the next 5 years
(Expected Growth)

Data Volume (2023)
Data Volume (2022)
Data Volume (2021)
Data Volume (2020)
Data Volume (2019)
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of corporations have some form of cloud data

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  • Do you own a business or perhaps run operations where you cannot afford your I.T. team not to be trained with the latest knowledge?

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